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Advantages of investing in Liechtenstein funds
EEA-compliant investment fund law
The Liechtenstein fund law has been modelled on the European investment fund law on account of its membership of the EEA. As European law has been incorporated into the EEA Agreement, the same rights and obligations apply in Liechtenstein as in all of the EU Member States. Accordingly, Liechtenstein enjoys full access to the European internal market and provides the highest degree of legal certainty for investors.

High investor protection

Liechtenstein has introduced stringent regulation to protect investors in the funds sector. Both the regulator and independent auditors scrutinise the activities of management companies and fund managers in the Principality on a regular basis.

Highly efficient banking system
The Liechtenstein investment fund market benefits from access to a highly efficient banking system. The banks of the Principality are amongst the best-capitalised in the world and did not require government assistance during financial crisis. A high proportion of the well-trained personnel in the local financial services industry comes from the neighbouring countries of Switzerland and Austria. The long-standing tradition of Liechtenstein’s financial centre and proximity to the Zürich stock exchange facilitate the recruitment of an outstandingly qualified work force.

Solid fiscal policy of public budgets
Liechtenstein has no national debt and is one of only 12 countries worldwide with an AAA rating from both Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s.

High level of political continuity and stability
Liechtenstein is a constitutional monarchy based on democratic parliamentary principles. The acting Head of State is H.S.H. Prince Alois von und zu Liechtenstein. The Principality has enjoyed the highest level of political, social, and economic stability over the past 300 years combined with a forward-looking, pro-business approach.

Customs and currency union with Switzerland
The use of the Swiss Franc in the Principality, which is recognised as one of the safest in the world, has provided considerable security for Liechtenstein and its investors since 1923. A Liechtenstein-domiciled fund however, would be in a position to use any other recognised currency for investment purposes as well.

Tax Conformity
For years, Liechtenstein has pursued a rigorous tax conformity strategy and has already concluded bilateral tax treaties with over 50 states around the world. The Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes (OECD) gave Liechtenstein good grades within the context of its 2015 country assessments, judging that it was «largely compliant». This means Liechtenstein has the same rating as e.g. Germany and Great Britain.

Attractive tax system for investment funds
At the beginning of 2011, a totally revised Tax Act entered into force in Liechtenstein. The modern law is internationally compatible and complies with European Laws. Liechtenstein investment funds are subject to favourable tax rules and could be considered as tax-advantaged investment vehicles. They are for example, not subject to any domestic fiscal charges in the form of a capital tax or VAT. Nevertheless, the individual investor may incur a personal tax liability under the laws of the country of domicile.

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