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Favourable Operating Conditions for Finance Companies
In addition to the advantages mentioned in “Setting up a Fund – Why Liechtenstein?” there are further benefits for the establishment of a management company or an alternative investment fund manager (AIFM).

Attractive tax regulations
12.5% is the unified income tax for companies in Liechtenstein. The payment of this flat tax settles everything, as Liechtenstein knows neither tax on capital nor coupon tax. Also, distribution premiums or taxes on dividends, capital or liquidation profits on shares are not in place. The customs union with Switzerland also has certain tax effects. The joint value-added tax rate amounts to 7,7% and is thus by far the lowest rate in the European Economic Area (EEA). Liechtenstein based funds are in effect not taxed. Neither the fund is subject to any subscription taxes nor are distributions by the fund to its investors subject to any withholding taxes.

Excellent business environment
The liberal economic policy of the country is reflected in the labour law and in company law as well. Ancillary labour costs amount to 17% in the Principality, being one of the lowest values across Europe, although the working week is quite long in comparison. This contributes significantly to the attractiveness of this location as a company seat. The small size of the country brings with itself advantages in all instances: flexibility, limited bureaucracy and short decision routes. This holds true in particular for the work of the Financial Market Authority.

Outstanding productivity
Liechtenstein has a very high commuter rate. In order to adjust the statistics with respect to these commuters, not the per capita GDP is indicated but the GDP per professionally active person. It amounted to 193'820 CHF in the year 2017. With that, Liechtenstein is found among the top countries of the world.

Good network
Liechtenstein is a member of the EEA and thus profits from the internal EU/EEA market. Further organisations, to which the Principality belongs, are the UNO, the EFTA and the WTO.

A high quality of life
Liechtenstein is situated in the heart of Europe: Surrounded by the mountains of the Alps and nestled in a region with a wide range of cultural and leisure opportunities. In the summer, keen mountain hikers find over 400 km of well-maintained and signposted hiking routes for every level of aptitude. In the winter, the family skiing region of Malbun attracts skiers and snowboarders onto the pistes. International centres such as e.g. Zurich, Milan and Munich, along with holiday resorts such as St. Moritz, Lech/Arlberg, the Lake Constance region with the Bregenz Festival, Tirol and South Tirol, Lago Maggiore, Lake Como, Lake Lugano and countless others can be reached from Liechtenstein quickly and with ease. Besides, Liechtenstein is one of the safest countries in Europe.
The infrastructure is well-developed, and there are excellent cross-border transport connections. The basic training and further education offer within the borders of Liechtenstein is very good, primarily thanks to the University of Liechtenstein, and is complemented by the comprehensive offering of the neighbouring countries.

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